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LED´s Do It!

Bisons has purchased DiLED advertising solution. It’s used to show ads by the side of the basketball court. When our schedule allows it is possible for you to rent the system. DiLED system is very versatile so it can be used by sports clubs, enterprises and businesses.

Of course you can also purchase advertising time from our games. You can read a satisfied customer’s feedback from the following article (in Finnish): https://bisons.fi/ajankohtaista/hunajayhtym%C3%A4n-ja-bisonsin-yhteisty%C3%B6-syventyi.

Ask for an offer!

Aku Perho, aku@bisons.fi – phone: +358 45 883 7107
Anssi Rämö, anssi@bisons.fi – phone: +358 50 536 3078

The following Youtube clip illustrates how visible the led-ad is in a sport event: